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What is Glue Pull Repair - PDR and Collision Tabs

KECO and CamAuto Pro PDR and Collision Glue Tabs

KECO Dead Center, Crease Tabs, Large Damage, Small Damage Tabs, Hail Tabs have been the industry standard of quality, well known and the highest performance tabs for 15 plus years. At KECO they understand the need for quality in every tab, regardless of size or shape, to provide consistent performance on a regular basis- regardless of weather conditions, temperature. The ice blue and blue tab is found with the best Dent Technicians in the world. At Mobile Dent Medic we have owned KECO tabs for 15 years and still this day they outperforme with each car, dent, glue pull.
What is GPR or Glue Pull Repair
Some specialty Paintless Dent Removal PDR and GPR - Glue Pull Repair techs used what was considered the magic of GPR on lighter pulls and to accent body shop work on large pulls. But in general, technicians did not have what they needed years ago, the know-how, the adhesives and pull tools to get serious about using GPR with retail clients and in the body shops. 
In the last few years GPR has evolved so fast and the technology we now have is mind blowing. The glues have come so far over a short period of time. Now we have glue that will lift a car in the air. We have new tools and tabs designed by KECO and CamAuto Pro that allows us to put the conventional rods away and now focus on GPR daily for all dent damages. The Future of Dent Removal is GPR.
GPR like PDR conventional process does take years of training and not something to try DIY and expect results. Glue Pull Repairs is a sub website owned by Mobile Dent Medic and we have been perfecting the ART of glue pulling now for 7 years of 15 years in business. 
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