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Our work includes GPR. Glue Pulling Dent Removal. GPR Education and Information.

With changes each year in new model vehicles and every car manufacturer making new vehicles glue pulling dent removal is becoming the norm in Paintless Dent Removal. Glue Pull Repair products can help in accomplishing the goals of running a profitable shop and addressing potential problems that new model vehicles might present.

Keco Glue Pull Repair products innovative method of dent and collision repair addresses time, effort, while producing the same or better quality compared to traditional PDR means. Investing in the proper tools and training helps enhance profitability by improving the skill sets of our work and your dent removal.

Proper implementation and training of glue pull techniques can lower the need for removal of interior panels and or look for access points while simultaneously improving efficiency. We use Keco Glue Pull products and techniques can give us a huge advantage by making repairs more efficiently and faster with better quality.

How It Works

The glue pull repair (GPR) method of dent and hail repair uses strong adhesive glue that allows us to pull the dent out with adhered tabs and pulling tools. This eliminates the need for conventional PDR tools and reduces the amount of panel beating and sculpting. It basically works like this: first, the technician thoroughly cleans the repair surface.

He then chooses the correct pulling component, called a tab, the correct glue to the damaged area. The technician applies the glue to the tab and places it on the dent. After the glue solidifies, the tech attaches the appropriate dent puller, dent lifter to the tab and pulls the dent flush with the vehicle surface. The technician then removes the glue easily with isopropyl alcohol. That’s it. No conventional tools behind the damages, no body filler needed, no sanding, no painting and no paint damage.

At Mobile Dent Medic we have been using the GPR methods for over 6 years and each year the tools and glues involved improve. We have all of the latest technology and equipment needed to make your Paintless Dent Removal a success. No drilling into panels. No removal of interior panels. Ask us about the GPR process and if your dent removal needs qualify for GPR.

Our Dent Removal Products include the best in the industry. KECO

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