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Collision Repair Shops Move into Glue Pull Repair

The Glue Pull Repair or GPR methods have been designed to replace and help with damages in present Canadian collision centers

The Glue Pull Repair -GPR methods have been designed to replace and help with damages in present Canadian collision center and body shops, methods of repairing dents. The present collision repairs that do create more work in the repair process.

The present processes of dent removal require grinding off the paint where the damage is and would then have to be repainted. Repainting a single door panel for instance still requires blending the new paint into surrounding panels to help in color match. Some present methods of dent repairs include.

Welding studs on the surface after grinding paint off or keys on the panels which would then be used to pull the dented panel out to its original shape and position.





Previous ways of repairing dent damages. Grinding Paint off, Welding on Pull Keys

keys2 Collision Repair Shops Move into Glue Pull Repair | Glue Pull Repair Trainingcamauto pro

Today’s vehicles are more complicated than previous. Electronics components and sensors are everywhere in todays cars, from standard electric windows and doors to keyless entry to anti-theft and anti-collision systems. This includes what used to be relatively simple items: body panels.

New cars and trucks have sensors that cover the perimeter of the vehicle and are used for parking assistance and blind-spot monitoring as well as lane-departure and pre-collision alerts. What used to be a simple piece of metal is now a sophisticated section of the vehicle that performs many functions in addition to serving as a body or wheel covering.

With so much new technology to consider in 2020 it’s easy to see how a technician can mess up the body panels of any new vehicle, inviting problems like complaints, lawsuits and loss of customers. The main reason for poor repairs and the loss associated with them is attempting to repair a contemporary body panel with outdated collision repair methods.

Even if you were able to somehow use the past traditional method on a contemporary panel, what about the e-coat on the inner the surface of all body panels? Yes, all vehicle body panels have factory sprayed e-coat applied during the manufacturing process. When welding studs and or keys onto the outer panel surface to pull dents out the e-coat gets burned off and must be reapplied.

Glue Pull Repair Technology

Glue pull repair (GPR) methods are changing and improving every month for the past few years. 2019 has been the most interesting and advanced year in the last 10 years. Everyone involved within the GPR tool industry are revolutionizing body panel repairs by eliminating the need to weld studs while lessening the need for filler, priming, and surface repainting. When the technician uses GPR techniques, he glues a removable attachment, called a glue pull repair tab, to the panel surface and pulls the dent out utilizing various pulling tools. Once the dent is pulled, the tech removes the adhesive and the tab with a simple squirt of release solution normally 99 percent isopropyl alcohol.

Today's Glue Pull Repair Technology in Glue Tabs and Keys. Same concept No Welding or Grinding. Camauto Pro 3D Curved GPR Tabs

glue pull repair

With the older process of dent removal it is very time consuming, labor intensive. Glue pull repair is cost effective in many ways. Less down time and less work, money involved. No grinding panels which will be phased out in a few years from all manufacturers. No sanding, primer and repainting, no reapplying e-coat to the inner surfaces. If the collision damages in question are even pull to paint the process is still less work.

The Strength in Glue Pull Repair Technology


Thanks to Francis Bélanger Cyr and Charles Aoun for photos used in our article 

Article written by Tim Chase. Mobile Dent Medic


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