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Glue Pull Repair and the Collision Industry

The new trend during 2019 and moving into 2020 looks promising for the collision repair industry.

Auto Body repairs have always been about welding and grinding, pulling with welded keys on panels and or metal tabs on panels and if in doubt repair or replace the panels.

Now with the adhesion of collision repair hot glue and speciality glue tabs pulling to move metal without compromising the corrosion protection behind the panel is becoming the norm.

glue pull repair

Rear quarter panels and dog legs, as an example, have always been questionable for even Paintless Dent Repair technicians. Is there access, can the dent damages be removed. And collision repair centers most likely would replace rear panels and dog legs without question.

New Glue Pull Repair tools and collision repair adhesives. Much the same concept body shops have been used to for years have now been modified. They look similar, they do the same work, but they no longer require grinding and welding. Thus, saving and protecting the corrosion protection which is applied on all vehicle panels inner surface during manufacturing.

Example below of glue pull repairs on a quarter panel dog leg which in previous years would be cut out and a new one welded into place then leaving the job of fillers and repainting, blending. Let us move into the new 2020 and pull the damages with new industry tools and save the high costs mentioned above. Less down time for the customers and less time for the shop involved.

mobile dent medicmobile dent medic glue pull repair

Then another glue pull repair concept and implementing tools already within our present body shops and collision centers, used for years. Beam pullers that normally would pull on welded body keys. Now can adapt to new technology. Glue pull repair tabs and collision repair hot glue.

camauto procamauto pro i barscollision repairs

Article by Tim Chase at Mobile Dent Medic

Photos Provided by Francis Bélanger Cyr and Camauto Pro

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