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What glue should I use?

There are only 3 primary glues to consider for 99% of repairs.

Green - All Purpose
This glue is great for most applications. It’s rigid enough to use for quick, snappy hail damage but flexible enough to handle multi-action pulls on larger, more complex repairs.
Set Up Time
Small Tabs = 20 – 30 sec
Large Tabs = 2 – 4 min

Grey - Fast, Small, and Simple Dents
This glue is ideal for smaller dents. It’s less flexible than both the GREEN and CAM AUTO glues and requires less time to set up. This allows you to move quicker with more short pulls.
Set Up Time
Small Tabs = 15 – 25 sec
Large Tabs = 1 – 3 min

Cam Auto - Slow, Large, Complex Dents
This glue is ideal for larger more complex dents. It’s flexibility and increased setup time equates to a longer working time so you can utilize multiple actions to knockdown while pulling.
Set Up Time
Medium Tabs = 2 – 3 min
Large Tabs = 6 – 7 min

Remember to use a QUALITY glue gun: Your glue must be smoking hot and runny to maximize your adhesion success. We offer a variety of glue guns that all meet the requirement for GPR repairs. Shop glue guns >>

What tabs do I need?

Tabs must be SMALLER than the highs of the dent. Select a tab shaped like your dent or body line and place it within the lowest lows of the dent.

    • Rigid Tabs = Shallow Dents
    • Flexible Tabs = Deep Dents

See our full tab assortment >>

What pulling tool do I need?

K-Beams = Our bridge pullers provide the most precise pulls on medium to large dents. Techs can place the beams feet on a strong area of the panel and utilize the sustained nature of the tool to keep the pressure on one area while they knockdown around the adhered tab.
X-Large // Standard // Junior

K-Bar = Great for extreme edges on medium to large dents - setup on this tool is quick and your pulls are only limited by the strength of the tech using it.
X-Large // Standard

Robo Lifter = Hail, small dings, or medium crease dents - provide techs with the ability to massage the metal rather than jerking or pulling it up.

Precision Robo Lifter = Specially designed plate holds down the metal around the dent for a super precise pull - preventing volcanoes and limiting the amount of knockdown work required after the pull.

Crease Killer = Pull deep creases out with ease. But, be careful. This tool is so powerful that you can easily overpull your dent and cause more work for yourself.

Slide Hammer = Fast pulls for a wide range of dents - provides minimal control

What knockdown tool do I need?

Shop Our Full Assortment of Knockdowns >>

Red Slapper = huge crowns

    • Use in combination with a body hammer

Blue Slapper = straightening edges

    • Slapper forms to curves

JVF Hammers = medium to large crowns

Black Swan = medium to small crowns

    • Supported knocking

4mm Metal Knockdown = small, sharp crowns