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How do I apply the glue and tabs?

Don't forget! You MUST clean your tabs before coating the surface with glue. This is critical in achieving maximum adhesion. Use a CRS solution to make sure you are cleaning your tabs correctly.

Use a high-quality glue gun and make sure your glue is smoking hot! It should be completely runny and REALLY HOT when it comes out of the gun.

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  1. Fill surface of the glue tab
  2. Place lightly on the panel
  3. Wait for the glue to solidify
    • Time may vary depending on the type of tab and the ambient temperature of your environment
About Our Glue

Don't let the insane amount of glue options intimidate you. You only need to worry about 3 of them for 99% of repairs.

Our Cactus Green glue covers nearly all applications and you should only worry about utilizing our Tab Weld Grey glue or the Cam Auto glue in extreme circumstances.

At one extreme there are small, simple dents that you intend to work quickly with single action pulls. At the other extreme, you have large, complex dents that you intend to work slowly and with multi-action techniques.

    • Green
      Most glue pulling dent repair jobs can be adequately completed utilizing our Green glue. It's designed to set up nicely with a reasonable amount of flexibility and without sacrificing too much rigidity. This enables use in a broad range of temperature applications and types of dents.
    • Grey
      Extremely simple and small dents that are handled with fast, snappy pulls are best completed using Grey glue.
    • Cam Auto
      Extremely large and complex dents that are handled with multi-action techniques are best completed using Cam Auto glue.