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What do I pull? What do I knockdown?

Use the same process you would if you were stud welding. Lift the lows. Knock down the highs. But, glue pull repair techniques make this even easier with the added surface area of a glue tab when compared to a welded nail/stud.

REMEMBER: You DO NOT need to grind away paint or damage the door any more than it already is. This is one of the primary advantages of glue pull repair over stud welding. Protect as much of the OEM paint as possible and do absolutely ZERO damage to the e-coat.

Just PULL. After the dent has been pulled you can simply knock down the highs. If you're using a beam or other sustained pulling tool, you can keep that pulling pressure on the dent while you knockdown at the same time around the dent.

Increase the quality of your repairs, decrease the amount of body filler needed, protect the e-coat, retain more of the OEM paint job, and STOP STUD WELDING!